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Refrigerant Products and Packing

We are the importer of refrigerant products and authorised distributor of Daikin refrigerant peoducts in Malaysia.

Our products are as below:-
Dakin 4 Series Gases Isceon 9 Series Gases
Daikin R404a x 10kg Isceon 29 (R422D) x 12.5kg
Daikin R404a x 45kg Isceon 39 (R423A) x 11.35kg
Daikin R404a x 750kg Isceon 49 (R417A) x 13.4kg
Daikin R407c x 10kg Isceon 59 (R417A) x 11.35kg
Daikin R407c x 56kg Isceon 69 (R403B) x 12.5kg
Daikin R407c x 750kg Isceon 79 (R422A) x 10.896kg
Daikin R410a x 10kg Isceon 89                x 9.6kg
Daikin R410a x 56kg
Daikin R410c x 750kg

R12 x 340 g/can HCFC 22 x 13.6 kg/can HFC 23 x 9 kg/cyl
R12 x 13.6 kg/can HCFC 22 x 22.7 kg/can HFC 23 x 36.25 kg/cyl
R12 x 65 kg/cyl HCFC 22 x 56 kg/cyl HFC 32 ton drum
R12 x 870 kg/tank HCFC 22 x 806 kg/tank HFC 134a x 250 g/can
R13 x 10 kg/cyl HCFC 123 x 100 kg/drum HFC 134a x 13.6 kg/can
R13 x 36.25 kg/cyl HCFC 124 ton drum HFC 134a x 56 kg/cyl
R113 x 250 kg/drum HCFC 125 ton drum HFC 134a x 950 kg/tank
R500 x 13.6 kg/can HCFC 141b x 22kg/drum HFC 143a ton drum
R500 x 56 kg/cyl HCFC 141b x 235kg/drum HFC 152a ton drum
R500 x 900 kg/tank HCFC 142 ton drum HFC 227 x 1000 kg/drum
R502 x 13.6 kg/can HCFC 401a x 13.6 kg/can HFC 404a x 10.9 kg/can
R502 x 56 kg/cyl HCFC 401b x 13.6 kg/can HFC 404a x 56 kg/cyl
R502 x 825 kg/tank HCFC 406a x 13.6 kg/can HFC 507 x 11.3 kg/can
R503 x 10kg/cyl HCFC 408a x 10.9 kg/can HFC 507 x 56 kg/can
HCFC 409a x 13.6 kg/can HFC 508b x 6kg/cyl
HC 290 x 50 kg/cyl
HC600a x 125 g/can
HC 600a x 50 kg/cyl